Every Child is Special Here

Let A Hundred Flowers Bloom And Be Blessed

Every Child Is Special For Us

We value individual talent and make our student realize their singular potentialities. We are seriously concerned about providing the most suitable environment to the delicate buds of today, nurturing them into blossoms, well diciplined, civilized, well mannered an successful personalities and overall, a person with difference.


BernHardt MTI, a sister organization of the Bernhardt Education Network Pvt. Ltd., is an English medium, co-educational, residential school, centrally locatted in aquiet and ideal setting, at a five minutes’ walking distance from Kalimati Chowk.


  • Think critically
  • Communicate effectively
  • Use knowledge empirically and creatively
  • Excel themselves in terms of academic and social prosoects.


We provide scholarship to meritorious student from each class in every term examination. To continue being reverted with this facuilty throughout the year, students require to compete among themselves to maintain their position where the one who excels is rewarded.

Class Size

The average number of student in each class is around 30. We are conscious of the importance of group discussion and interaction, not compromising individual attention to our pupils.



Years of Experience

Board Members


BernHardt MTI is committed to quality education. Last few years of academic experience has very well taught us to cope with every pros and cons in the academic sector, in that we have gone through a number of tests and trails earning ourselves maturity and competence. We, in fact, have developed an attitude to provide standard and dynamic education in action what others claim in words.


We have our own library with books on various subjects and genres.


We provide transportation facilities for major spots in the valley.


We have well-equipped science and computer laboratories with sufficiency of modern computers.

Examination & Evaluation

We conduct three terminal examinations with 3 mid term exams. Pass marks in each subject is 40%. A class test note book is to be maintained by the students where parents require singing after every test and submit at the school. School Examination Committee’s decision will be penultimate regarding the promotion of the child.

Book & Stationeries

Students require maintaining books & exercise books properly. They also require using school exercies books for uniformity. Parent’s assistance is expected in order to help the students maintain their assets.


We do believe extra-curricular activities as an integral part of the modern education system for the round progress of your ward. We have introduced various Extra Curricular Activities, keeping the same into consideration.

Board Of Directors

Our nine members’ executive committee comprises the following founding directors:

Srijana Devi Ranjit


Kuber Dhungana


Binde K. Maharjan Singh


Chakra Bahadur Bista


Prajjwol Khadka


Sapna Tuladhar


Jayaram Chapagai


Kumar Lama Ghising


Allen Bailochan Tuladhar


We Prove silently what other commit loudly

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