We aim to help students to:

  • Think critically
  • Communicate effectively
  • Use knowledge empirically and creatively
  • Excel themselves in terms of academic and social prospects.

Our prime mission is to provide our students with quality education, skills, confidence and the most of all, bring up in them the virtue they require to become leading and successful citizen in their carriers and lives.

Our Features

  • Limited number of students in each class
  • Highly experienced faculty with outstanding academic & professional excellence
  • Resourcegul library
  • Hostel and transportation facilities
  • Publication of written work in school magazine
  • Scholarships for meritorious students
  • Regular Parents-Teachers Meetings and interaction(PTM)

  • Independent, spacious cafeteria & playground
  • Frequent excursions and outings
  • Well-facilitated computer classes/laboratories
  • Strict adherence to discipline, punctuality and proper attire
  • Plenty of opportunities in various inter-school as well as intra-school activities and competitions
  • Various Cultural days’ celebrations
  • Fully equipped science and computer laboratories

  • Basketball court & other sports facilities
  • Provision of audio-visual classes
  • English interactive environment
  • Martial Arts, Yoga and meditation classes
  • Music & Dance; Art & Craft
  • Peaceful and homely environment
  • Provision of counseling for parents and students at school
  • First Aid service
  • Overall concern for students


We provide scholarship to meritorious student from each class in every term examination. To continue being reverted with this facuilty throughout the year, students require to compete among themselves to maintain their position where the one who excels is rewarded.

Admission Criteria

Application forms for admissions can be obtained from the accounts section and which requies to be supplemented by:

  • A copy of applicants’ previous school report card (expect for play ground and nursery)
  • A transfer certificate from the previous school
  • 2 P.P sized photographs
  • Applicants will have to go through a written test in Science, Math, Nepali and English subjects and an interview. Only selected candidates will be called for admission.
Class Size

The average number of students in each class is around 30. We conscious of the importance of group discussions and interactions, not compromising individual attention to our pupils.


We expect our students to come to school in neat, clean and proper uniform. Faded, worn-out or shabby attires may bring into the child a feeling of inferiority complex. Proper uniform is substantial not only dor bringing up confidence but also build self confidence and most important, to develop a sense of uniformity among them. Daywise dress code is as follows:

Dress  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Striped Shirt Yes


Yes Yes
Dark Blue Pants/Dark  Blue Frock Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dark Blue Socks Yes Yes Yes Yes
Black Leather Shoes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dark Blue Sweater (In Winter) Yes Yes Yes Yes
School Tie Yes Yes Yes Yes
School Belt Yes Yes Yes Yes
School ID Card Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
House Track Yes Yes
White Socks Yes Yes
Canvas Shoes Yes Yes
Casual Dress (Pre-School) Yes Yes
School Timing

We run 6 days a week; from 8:50 a.m to 3:20 p.m. Students observe a 30 minutes lunch break and two recesses of 10 minutes each, after the 2nd and the 6th periods.

Parent teacher Meeting (PTM)

We organize Parent Teacher Meetings (PTM) on a reular basis keeping the importance of parents-teachers coordination in view. Meetings of such kind are expected to assist in the betterment of the students on various levels through the shared effort of the teachers and parents. We also encourage parents to make frequent visits as well as attend regular interaction programs organized by the school.

Activities performed for the school children
  • Elocution
  • Science exhibition
  • Quiz contest/Science and Maths quiz/spelling contest
  • Badminton competition
  • Poetry recitation
  • Dance competition
  • T.T competition
  • Basketball competition
  • Essay writting competition
  • Chess competition
  • Teacher’s day celebration
  • Children’s day celebration
  • Class decorations
  • Outing of all classes as per schedule
  • Skipping race (girls)
  • Arts, craft and painting competition
  • Rhymes (Jr.)
  • Chocolate race (Jr.)
  • Bursting ballons (Jr.)
  • Musical chair (Jr.)
  • 50m race (Jr.)
  • In/Out follow the instruction (Jr.)
  • Spoon race (Jr.)
  • Tug-of-war (intra-class/ inter-house)
  • Martial Arts
  • Parent’s day, prize distribution etc.